Everyone who reblogs this is going to get a compliment in their ask box about something I really like about you. 

I don’t know you? I’ll stalk your blog until I know you better than your mother does. EVERYONE.

I’m a writer.


I am a writer. I wake up and usually the stories begin to roll around my head. Here lately i’ve had writers block. I tell myself that it’s ok, because i know the story will get finished, eventually. I just have to keep writing (something). As long as im writing things will get unstuck. I hope to one day be published, but im content with letting my friends read what i’ve written for now. Maybe i’ll share something.

Good luck! *thumbs up*

Shapeshifters take on the memory of the person they shift into correct??? So! What if some of us are shapeshifters? We just took on the memory and basically became who we shifted into, thus becoming the person we shifted into. Having no memory of the life we once had, we completely became the other person to the extent that our very DNA matches that of the “victim”.